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It’s Nappie Time and We Need YOUR VOTES!

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

The Lagniappe is now accepting nominations for its annual Nappie Awards. Please remember to take a moment and cast your votes for your favorite Alabama Medical Group docs. During the nomination period that runs until Sunday, April 5, you may vote ONCE per HOUR. To vote, visit and click the “Shopping/Services” tab and vote on all FOUR categories listed below. Please note, the publication has asked voters not to use Dr. or M.D., rather enter a first and last name only (ex. John Doe) when nominating.

1. Mobile Bay’s Best Doctor: General Practitioner (Type the name of your favorite AMG Internal Medicine or Family Practice physician)

2. Mobile Bay’s Best General Medicine Practice (Type the name of our medical practice: Alabama Medical Group)

3. Mobile Bay’s Best Specialist (Type the name of your favorite AMG specialist: Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Neurology, Rheumatology)

4. Mobile Bay’s Best Specialist Practice (Type the name of our medical practice: Alabama Medical Group)

With your help in 2018 and 2019, Alabama Medical Group had four physicians who were finalists. In 2019, Dr. Carney brought home the win and was named Mobile Bay’s Best Doctor.

Let’s keep this winning tradition going and Vote, Vote, Vote!

Vote for all of your favorite bars, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, retail shops, Mardi Gras societies, teachers, media folks, politicos and just about everything else you can possibly think of!
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