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Medical Records Overview

Overview of Request Types and Processing Steps

For Personal Use

COPY FEE: Yes / Photo ID Required

If a patient needs medical records for personal use, a Signed Release is needed. Once the request is received and completed, the patient will be notified and relayed the copy fee. They must be paid for when they are picked up.

For Insurance Purpose

Examples: State Farm, Allstate, AFLAC, BCBS, etc.
1) If the patient requests records for insurance purposes, they are responsible for the copy charges and the patient will need to pick up and provide the records to their insurance company.

2) If the Insurance Company requests the records, we must receive their request in writing from the Insurance Agency with a signed authorization. They will be notified of the copy charges by fax when request is complete. Our records are only released through a Secure Release Website.

For Continued Care


These records will be provided as a professional courtesy at no charge. The patient can sign our release or one from the other facility. Our standard amount of records to release is 2 years of clinic notes, testing and operative notes unless otherwise noted.
The requested records will be released through a Secure Release Website. The patient can also pick them up at our office with a Picture ID.