Infectious Disease

A new addition to Alabama Medical Group (AMG) in 2017, we welcomed the doctors and team from Infection Limited P.C., a Mobile, Ala.-based Infectious Disease specialists group. This group, brought a total of six (6) doctors and two (2) mid-levels to the AMG practice group—the largest multi-specialty group in the area.

All of these physicians are experienced Board Certified Infectious Disease Specialists. A relatively new sub-specialty of internal medicine, Infectious Disease has continued to grow—as our knowledge of and the number of pathogens that affect humans has grown. Identifying the specific pathogen, then choosing the treatment regimen is the key to recovery and their expertise.

If you think that your illness is not responding to medication, or if your symptoms are intensifying, particularly if a physician has already prescribed medication, please call an AMG infectious disease specialist today. Visit our provider page to view our Infectious Disease team.