Primary Care


What is an Internist?

Alabama Medical Group (AMG) is a unique practice, comprised of specialists from a variety of medical disciplines, who often work together as a team to ensure that each patient receives the most comprehensive care available.

The captain and gatekeeper of your medical team is the AMG Internist.

All 10 of our Internists see their adult patients regularly as their primary care physician, treating their complaints, conditions and diseases, as well as advising them on making healthy choices and decisions in their daily lives.

The Internist administers and orders tests and scans, and frequently refers the patient to a specialist. In the case of AMG, this could be a specialist within the same practice and building. This is presents a level of convenience and an advantage to both our patients and doctors because of the ease of communication and familiarity of working closely together so often.

Adult patients rarely experience medical care as it is practiced at AMG, with a team of specialists working closely together everyday, within the same practice, being “captained” by one of our Internists to ensure that each patient receives the best care possible.


What is a Family Practice Physician?

Alabama Medical Group’s (AMG) Family Practice Physicians, like Internists, are considered primary care specialists, but Family Practice doctors treat the members of the extended family, from pediatrics and obstetrics, to geriatrics.

Family Practice doctors see their patients on a regular basis for check ups, immunizations, testing, scans and when a patient has suffered a minor injury or accident.

The AMG Family Practice physicians enjoy the same advantages as our Internists, in that they lead a team of specialists they work with regularly and seamlessly, to provide patients of all ages with comprehensive care and superb diagnostic capability.

Once again familiarity and convenience offer AMG patients a real advantage of teamwork that is rare and unusual in a healthcare system that becomes more compartmentalized everyday.

In our area, only an AMG Family Practice Physician can offer the comfort and reassurance of the collective medical knowledge of so many specialists who practice together in the same clinic.