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Morgan Ashurst, MD Celebrates 40 Years in Medicine

Tuesday, July 05th, 2016

Dr. Ashurst #2 001Dr. H Morgan Ashurst is currently celebrating 40 years of private practice at Internal Medicine Center, LLC. He joined the practice on July 1, 1976. When asked how he might address the changes in medicine over these last forty years, Dr. Ashurst responds, “Over the years, there are always challenges to master and obstacles to overcome from changes in medicine to changes in technology. However, the one constant variable is the powerful doctor-patient relationship. I am both humbled and inspired daily by my patients, their life stories and the bonds we get to share”.


Ashurst, Sanders and Wright 001One undeniable truth is that Dr. Ashurst loves what he does and has no plans for retirement. Dr. Ashurst explains, the great benefit to having enjoyed forty years of experience of practicing medicine is “often you feel as if you are a medical detective, drawing upon your experience, investigating the mysteries of illness, and putting together all the pieces of the puzzle. There really are great advantages to experience.”




What began as a four member physician group, has now grown to become the Dr. Ashurst Anniversarytwenty-two physician multi-specialty private practice it is today. Dr. Ashurst concludes “I consider it a blessing and a privilege to continue to collaborate with fellow physicians and offer the highest quality patient care. It is indeed a blessing to love what I have been called to do”.

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