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Monday, January 09th, 2023

Last month we met Aimee Lee, a licensed medical esthetician at  Alabama Medical Group (AMG). Impressed with her encyclopedic knowledge of all things skincare-related and her warm personality, we offered up one of our own, Creative Director Stevye Murray, to receive microneedling at the hands of this skilled practitioner. Here, Stevye talks us through her experience and results while Aimee explains the science of microneedling your way to glowing skin.

By Amber Wielkens Photos Stevye Photography,

First, a word on microneedling from Aimee: “Microneedling is a procedure that helps the skin repair itself naturally through dermal remodeling. A microneedling pen induces ‘micro-injuries’ with tiny micro-needles that help treat a variety of skin conditions including acne scaring, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks. It’s also wonderful for melasma, which was one of Stevye’s skin concerns. It works by boosting collagen production, which in turn rejuvenates your skin.”

 During the initial consultation, Aimee learned everything about Stevye’s skin, from her skincare regimen to issues she hoped to address. “I really needed help with melasma on my forehead and upper lip. (Melasma causes dark, discolored patches on your skin.) I also had some acne scarring that needed attention,” says Stevye.

 Describing the procedure, Stevye recounts, “Aimee applied numbing cream to my entire face and 30 minutes later, I was numb. Then she cleansed and sterilized my face and started using the microneedling pen. I mainly felt vibrations, although some areas around my eyes and mouth I felt a bit of a pinch.”  Aimee adds, “Microneedling only takes about 20–30 minutes. Different depths are chosen for different areas of the face, so the treatment is customized to each patient according to their anatomy and target areas. Once this step is complete, we clean the treatment area and, you guessed it, apply sunscreen before the patient leaves the office.”

 Stevye reports no downtime at all, but says her face was “red and felt sunburnt for a few days. My skin was a bit flaky, too, but it was minor.” In all, the procedure took about an hour—30 minutes for numbing and 30 minutes for microneedling and post-procedure cleansing. In addition, she says Aimee’s warmth and professionalism were top-notch, claiming, “Aimee made me feel extremely comfortable and even turned on the bed warmer for me! She checked in on me throughout the procedure and we had a good conversation.”

 And the results? Stevye is more than pleased. “I saw improvement after one treatment. My melasma was significantly lighter and my face looked tighter and brighter overall. I liked it so much I’ve already been back to Aimee for a second session!”

 Of course Aimee is gratified by praise for her skills as an aesthetician, but she’s not surprised. She knows the results one can expect from every treatment AMG Aesthetics offers, telling us, “Like Stevye, each patient leaves the office with specific post-care instructions and take-home products to assure proper care is taken during their healing process, as well as my personal phone number in case they have any questions. While there’s no downtime in the sense that patients need to miss work, skin is usually red for a few days after microneedling, followed by 2–4 days of peeling and flaking. After that, you’re good to go!”

 Tailoring a plan for her patients is one of Aimee’s favorite parts of of her job, and she leaves us with a little extra knowledge of what’s possible. “Although Stevye didn’t need much correction, there are some patients who opt for a more aggressive treatment. In those cases, microneedling can be coupled with a chemical peel or followed by laser treatments. Some will also opt to add dermaplaning to their microneedling session, but my favorite time to dermaplane is two weeks after microneedling so we can remove the remaining dead skin cells and vellus hair—the patient really glows once they’re completely healed. The possibilities are endless, and I love tailoring a treatment plan for each one of my patients.” Aimee’s enthusiasm is contagious, her skills are superlative, and we’re already making our own appointments at AMG.

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